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Library Noise

*Anonymous Rant*

I'm really bothered by how people talk in the library. I'm even more bothered that most don't whisper, but talk at a normal level. It's a library for a reason. It's supposed to be a quiet place to study. But people talk loudly, to each other and even on their cell phones.

Where is the etiquette? I'd pick studying at a noisy cafe over studying at the library. At least noise is expected there.

Library Response:

Thank you for your comment. Your main concern seems to be the Library's failure to enforce a quiet atmosphere. There are some activities, for example, checking books out, or consultations at the Reference or Computer Lab Help desks, that require talking at a normal conversational volume. Work-related instances aside, our staff should be contributing to a quiet atmosphere. If you are finding otherwise, please let us know and we will be happy to talk with the particular staff member.

While we are happy to shush patrons upon request, it is often more effective if the neighbors of the offender politely ask him/her to quiet down and/or take their phone conversation to a designated cell phone usage area or outside. If you find yourself next to a loud patron, please feel empowered to remind them of the obligations of working in and among a community of scholars. If they look at you blankly and keep on talking, do not hesitate to summon help from a service desk.

Posted by Dawn Smith on February 2, 2007 02:57 PM|


check out a study room if noise is that much of an issue. Life is full of distractions and complications. You're trying to be a lawyer -- stop complaining like a preschooler

Posted by: Anonymous | February 12, 2007 12:52 PM

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